Principals Supporting Principals


The job of a school Principal can be daunting and isolating. Our responsibilities are great and, often, especially in smaller districts, our connections to other principals are not frequent. It does not have to be this way! Especially with the technology available to us in 2016, we can get support, validation, and encouragement from one another very easily.

At a recent MESPA conference in November, a group of energetic MA administrators gathered for the day. Kicked off by an engaging key note by Kim Marshall, we then broke into breakout sessions led by MA administrators. We were able to share best practices with one another, network and collaborate. Many of us left that day energized to maintain these connections. What if we could extend this collaboration with one another beyond these formal opportunities to meet in person? This blog is one of the many ideas that came out of that day of learning.

This year, our mission at MESPA is “Principals Supporting Principals.” In the spirit of that mission, we are launching a blog and invite you to participate! Each week our blog will highlight a Massachusetts PK-8 administrator sharing about his/her practice. You are invited to share something innovative that is taking place at your school, a question you want to pose to other MA administrators or anything you think may be of interest to your colleagues.

Are you interested in sharing your ideas, insights and questions? If so, click here to sign up for a post. Julie Vincentsen, Principal of Ruggles Lane School, or Chris Dodge, Principal of Dexter Park Elementary, will reach out with specifics. Are you interested but nervous because you’ve never blogged before and don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – as long as you know how to use Microsoft Word you will be up to this challenge. We write for our communities all the time – this just changes your audience. You probably could even take a current newsletter you’ve written and repurpose it for your colleagues.

Thank you for contributing to a less isolating 2016 for MA administrators!

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