“Different But Not Less”

by Deborah Donovan, Principal, Boston Higashi School


The trajectory of an organization is a recycling path of beginning, becoming and being. It includes times of both celebration and challenge, never in equal measure. Through the years MESPA has been very blessed to have more causes for celebration rather than challenges to overcome. However, we are now facing significant obstacles that lead us all to stop, pause, reflect and recalibrate so that we may attune to the current reality.

Like a plant, businesses and organizations have dormant phases. Gardeners know that the plant is not dead. It is renewing itself in anticipation of future growth.
As we move forward, I can say unequivocally, the mission, core values and passion that drives the work of MESPA remains very much alive. Your Board of Directors, Executive Officers and Executive Directors are, and continue to be, servant leaders and good stewards. They possess the courage both individually and collectively to embrace the now in an unvarnished and authentic way.
Things cannot remain the same as they are. Temple Grandin says it best with this phrase  ‘Different but not Less’. Going forward MESPA will be different but never less.
Are you interested in sharing your ideas, insights and questions? If so, click here to sign up for a post. Julie Vincentsen, Principal of Ruggles Lane School, will reach out with specifics. Are you interested but nervous because you’ve never blogged before and don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – as long as you know how to use Microsoft Word you will be up to this challenge. We write for our communities all the time – this just changes your audience. You probably could even take a current newsletter you’ve written and repurpose it for your colleagues.

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