Epic Convergence of Servant Leaders

by Julie Vincentsen, Principal, Ruggles Lane School, Quabbin Regional


As I sat at the keynote Wednesday given by Ellie Drago Severson, I was struck by her description of a servant leader: a leader who desires to serve other people, a leader who cares deeply, a leader who is dedicated to helping others. She talked about this in the context of her parents and then used this description to thank the educators in the room for living out those principles that her parents, her first teachers, taught her. “Thank you for your leadership and thank you for your service to the children with whom you work.”

I want to take this opportunity to do the same. That keynote launched the conference. Every subsequent session I attended, conversation I had, and moment I enjoyed served to make me a better Principal when I returned to my school this past Monday. It was an amazing three days where each of the attendees served me by teaching me how to serve others to the best of my capacity. I can say with conviction that everyone I met at Spring Conference is a true servant leader – thank you for the work you do each day to serve the children of Massachusetts and your fellow Principals! You will see from the comments below that my colleagues in MESPA’s Voxer chat agree with me:

Jen Chapin, Principal, Hatfield Elementary: It was an amazing conference. I have been to many and this one was by far the best. The group was small but I have never been with such a group of friendly, accepting, intelligent and willing to learn professionals. So I am so proud to Massachusetts Principal!

Michelle Colvin, Principal, C.T. Plunkett Elementary School, Adams: Thanks for an amazing conference. It was so much fun. Lots of good memories.

Diane Correira, Principal, Fuller Meadow School, Middleton: I am feeling very renewed and refreshed. It was a great few days. Thank you to everyone who led the learning. It was really a lot of fun and it was really a good time. It was good to meet some new people and to hang out with some familiar.

Chris Dodge, Principal, Dexter Park School, Orange: Thanks for a great couple of days. As hard as it was to leave the building with everything going on at this time of year, it was the perfect thing. I feel like I am ready to go back on Monday and keep doing the important work that we do. It was just awesome!

Denise Fronius, Principal, Stony Brook Elementary School, Brewster: Great conference! Thank you to everyone. I hope to see you all soon.

Sam Hein, Principal, Harwich Elementary: This was a great week!

Chante Jillson, Principal, Phillipston Memorial School: It was a great couple of days, I am truly inspired. I got a lot of incredible information and made a lot of great connections. I’m really excited for what’s coming for MESPA!

Sandra Trach, Principal, Estabrook School, Lexington: I really enjoyed seeing everyone at the conference and picking up all of those great ideas. I want to thank everyone. Even though it is a tricky time of year to step away, I feel thankful that I picked up a lot of really great ideas. I look forward to going through those back at school.

NewProfileJulie Vincentsen, Principal, Ruggles Lane School, Barre: It was an amazing three days. So wonderful to connect with so many people that I met for the first time, to connect with old friends and to make new ones. It was just a great week! Every session I went to was valuable. I learned a lot, I was rejuvenated and I feel like I am ready for this last stretch of the school year!

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